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Name Braniff

While Braniff is the newest line to reach the American market, it is not new by any stretch of the imagination.  WBCarroll TMIn 1907, a New Yorker, William Braniff Carroll, migrated to Mexico to assist in construction of the country's infrastructure.  While there he noticed a need for increased use of sanitary ware.  He marveled at the grandiose mansions that were being built, but they were lacking in the number of bathrooms.  He had an answer.  At the same time, he met his future wife in Guadalajara and married into the Urrea family.  At that point, they launched Urrea, manufacturer of plumbing valves and fixtures.

By 1942, the company was still small by today’s standards with 17 employees now headed by Don Raul Urrea.  After the war, Urrea entered into OEM supply agreements with the US companies, Indiana Brass and NIBCO.  In the 1950’s Urrea launched its faucet business in Mexico and was the first company to introduce ceramic cartridges to mixers.  By 1988, Urrea and NIBCO separated with the buyout of US investors and the Fourth generation assumed the helm in 1995 and earned ISO certification in 2000.

In 2011, Urrea expanded their portfolio by purchasing Orion and its manufacturing facility in Monterrey. Over the last ten years, Urrea renovated and expanded the plant.  It also has earned numerous worldwide awards and expanded their reach throughout the entire Western hemisphere including launching their US brand, Braniff in 2020.

URREAToday, Urrea commands numerous manufacturing facilities and distribution centers in Mexico and South America.  The Monterrey-based vitreous ceramic factory can produce 2+ million pieces per year under 1,600,000 square feet of plant area.  The plant runs 24 hours a day and feeds a mammoth 170,000 sq. ft. distribution center with 16 loading docks with a 20,000 pallet capacity.

Braniff has invested heavily with robotics and automation with high pressure casting lines, state-of-the-art kilns, automatic glazing machines, torque machines and more.  Backed by a ten year warranty and 2,300+ employees, come see the difference in service and quality.