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Pioneer has launched a new pressure balance valve in the Pioneer and Olympia divisions that has an integral diverter built into the valve. This addition allows the builder to provide another feature such as a hand shower without the additional cost and overhead associated with additional valve, piping and trim. The control of both outlets rests with just one control lever.
Prior to this valve, the method of piping in a hand-held shower was to run mixed water off the pressure balance to a diverter valve. The user then had a choice to select the water to be routed to the shower head or the hand-held shower. This required a separate valve and trim and space on the wall.
  • This valve operates from 20 to 100 psi
  • Output range is anywhere from 4 to 6 GPM depending on the port
  • Testing caps are supplied
  • Valve is fitted with integral stops
  • IPS/CXC Combo inlets/outlets
  • Mud guard supplied
  • Wide range of installation depths
  • Supplied with mounting bracket
  [Link] Sales Flyer
  [Link] Specification Sheet
  [Link] Installlation Guide
  [Link] Parts Breakdown
  [Link] Alliance's explanation guide to control