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David Lehuquet


Outside Sales

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San Angelo, Killeen, San Antonio, Austin, Laredo


When you meet David for the first time, you quickly realize that you are not dealing with the average bear. On one hand David looks and sounds like he is in the wrong place. The slight up-tempo of an Eastern Pennsylvania accent coupled with a little bit of “Jersey” represents him as one whom has been around the block. Then on the other hand, this Eagles fan wins you over because he is dying to address any issue that you may have with a sense of urgency without the typical Northeastern attitude. Then upon his eventual solving of the task, you realized that you have been” Leheuq-ed”. You now know why Alliance considers him one of its best draft choices.

Lehuquet, pronounced LAY-You-KAY, has been a resident of Central Texas for over twenty years and he and his family have grown into and formed some impressive Texan roots. The first-half of his career he sold financial investment products after his BS in marketing from Indiana University at Pennsylvania. David’s experience in sales is immeasurable and his ability to create relationships is indicative of a sales professional with decades of experiences. His core principles line up with Alliance’s perfectly.

His family’s background is in plumbing and Alliance was lucky enough that the mix that he represents as a representative. He is now adding detailed plumbing knowledge to his portfolio at an impressive rate. David is meticulous in his approach and is an excellent teacher.  


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