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Gabe Lazalde


Outside Sales

State Name

Texas, Lousiana, Arkansas

City Name

Denton, Dallas, North Texas, Tyler, Fort Smith, Jonesboro, Searcy, Conway, Little Rock, Hot Springs, Pine Bluff, El Dorado, Shreveport, East Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth Area, Northern Louisiana


Gabe is a perfect example to where no resume can properly describe him.  He is a very warm charismatic person in all weathers.  It truly seems that Gabe was born to please people.  No task to too large or too small.

Born in a small one-stop light, yet picturesque town in Idaho, he learned the values of truth, honor and hard work.  After school, he entered into the business of servicing contractors at Johnstone Supply in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He then sensed that sales was his calling and he began to build a book of business.  He honed his networking and service skills and was offered an opportunity to transfer to Dallas.

He and his wife didn’t blink and they relocated to Dallas.  Shortly after his arrival the company that he was working for faltered and he needed to find work.  Lucky for Alliance and its customers, Gabe and Alliance found each other.

There were only two employment references that Gabe had and when they were contacted they both asked Alliance to tell Gabe to call them up if he ever decided to move back to Utah.  He speaks fluent Spanish which just doubled the amount of people that can experience what Gabe can do for them.


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